Friday, 11 June 2010

Wearing same shoes!

Victoria and Christina wore the same Alta Bouton Louboutin Ankle Boots.  I think whatever Victoria wears, she always looks amazing and as boring as this might sound, acts her age.  Christina's comeback, however, left me a bit sceptical. Her dirrty heyday come attached with nostalgic memories of teenage hood for me, dancing in the clubs of Cyprus without a care in the world so her new video left me a bit disappointed.  The whole bondage/naked thing is too Gaga/Rihanna and too old and boring now unfortunately just like her slashed skirt. I preferred her so much more with her Marylin Monroe-esque hair and forties outfits. Her T-shirt says "If you don't like it, fuck you".  Oh well, in that case I'm predicting loads of sexual activity happening in the world.


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