Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Brand loyalty taken too far..?

Ok, so it's not unheard of to advertise your love for a certain brand by proudly wearing it accross your chest (think tops with BIG "Versace" on the front = tacky), making your dog wear it (look up Paris Hilton and other bimbos) and even having it plastered all over your sofa (Fendi furniture = sexy). But would you get worried if you were talking to someone and when you gazed in their eyes you saw a branded logo???
Well that's exactly what John Galliano has done by designing a range of contact lenses with a CD logo that is meant to go on the coloured part of your eye (don't know the scientific name for it). The lenses won't change your natural colour or improve your vision.  They will, however, create a black or golden outline around the iris and the coloured part, thereby making your gaze more deep and dramatic (according to Dior). I think this is a step too far. Seriously. If I saw someone wearing those lenses I would literally get scared. I just don't understand why these established houses with a rich background and history feel like they need to do all these "funky" things... It just demeans their exclusivity. There is a classier way to go around this, ie Chanel's transfer tattoos that are gorgeous (and still available in Selfridges). Have a look at them here.


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