Sunday, 27 June 2010

Craving GG!

Super gorgeous Leighton Meester


I'm craving Gossip Girl. I can't wait till September to find out what happens to Chuck Bass and drool over all the beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. The costume designer of Gossip Girl has my dream job and he is so incredibly talented. I'm going to be controversial and say that the styling of Gossip Girl is actually better than Sex and the City. Don't get me wrong though, I adore SATC and never get bored of watching it over and over and over and over again.  Looking back at the first few seasons of SATC, the girls were not as glamorous and stylish as the movie puts them out to be. If you re-watch all the seasons you will actually see that it's only towards the end that their wardrobes become interesting (as in that pink Oscar de la Renta dress, newspaper Galliano dress, the Birkin bag, Dolce sparkly pants etc). And what's all that fuss with Manolos? Do people REALLY like those shoes or just pretend to just because of the series? Personally, there are only a couple of designs that i like (like, not love). But obviously, I have to admit that its thanks to Patricia Field that SATC is what it is today and she is a great visionary. If you don't watch Gossip Girl, then I recommend you do. It's a 40 minute catwalk show per episode and the storyline is jaw dropping. Oh, and one of the main characters, Chuck Bass, is this world's most stylish man and he looks better than Marc Jacobs in a suit (imagine that!). But for now, let's get some patience and count the days till September.


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