Wednesday, 28 July 2010

You inspire me.

"I cut out space in the vacuum by blowing air bubbles, and I make gifts of sharpened pins so as to ensure I never put on airs. My lungs are imbued with the scent of places that I've breathed, and when I hyperventilate it's only so I can remain in apnoea for a while. As though I were pollen, I let myself go with the wind, convinced I'm able to seduce every thing that surrounds me. I want to breathe till I choke. I want to love till I die"
                                                                   ~ Fabio Novembre

I have had these words scribbled on a torn up piece of paper stuck to my wall for the past three years. I read them everyday, almost religiously. One day we'll meet. You inspire me.

Fabio Novembre on one of his creations (lifted from

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Taylor Momsen + Galliano

Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl, aka frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless) is announced to be the face of John Galliano's new perfume. I'm not sure whether I like the idea because I often get influenced by the ad of the perfume in order to go and try it and understand what it represents. Take for example the Chloe' perfume that the whole London stank of last year (myself included). Does the image of Chloe Sevigny with her bed-head hair and dreamy gaze not describe the feel and smell of the perfume perfectly? It's one of my most favorite fragrances of all time. So in Taylor Momsen's case, is the smell going to be a highly complicated cocktail of cigarettes, hairspray and black liner? Agree/disagree?

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Winter Outerwear

You know that horrible cold feeling that you get during winter? When it's really cold and you don't know what to wear to keep warm? Truth must be said, during these months I sometimes don't care what I wear as long as it's keeping me warm. Hence, I have a long coat which is also known as "the Tesco jacket". Don't worry, it was not bought in Tesco and was actually quite expensive but it's so big and puffy that I look like a bear in it which is why I only wear it to go grocery shopping amongst other boring activities =) Anyway, the genius Christopher Bailey has designed beautiful sheepskin jackets that not only look stylish but will definitely keep you warm. Imagine wearing Uggs, but on your whole body and not just the feet. Mmmm..The play of proportions gives a sheepskin jacket a contemporary feel with the oversized collars that come into a contrast with the cropped cut. It's a juxtaposition of the feminine and the masculine that works so well in an outerwear piece. Today I was in Topshop and they brought in the winter collection (which by the way is very exciting) and guess what? They had very similar looking jackets there for a humble £300 price tag. Very attractive, especially considering the fact that the Burberry pieces will set you back around £2000. You just gotta love Topshop!

Burberry Prorsum



Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Original Cosmopolitan Story

I'm a cocktails type of girl and there was a time when I was quite obsessed with Cosmopolitans, that was the only thing I drank when I went out. As with everything in life, I got bored and now prefer Strawberry Mohitos or La Vie en Rose. Check out Dita's ad for Cointreau, the ending with her famous giant Martini glass is very sexy.


Friday, 23 July 2010

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lanvin love

I have been trying to find out who these shoes were by for ages! I've seen them on so many people and they are so sexy! These days when Zanotti and Louboutin reign the shoe world, I introduce to you Lanvin's chain link pump! Thank you to Indigo Iris ( for putting it up on her blog!


Reebok + EA7

This collaboration between Reebok and Emporio Armani will be hitting the stores this August. The black hybrid trainers/shoes look interesting but I can't imagine anyone in my gym wearing them.  In fact, everyone in my gym (myself included) prefer Nike so let's see if this will make a difference to the fashion-aware crowd. This is completely out of context, but I saw a guy wearing a colourful "Fuck Fashion" t-shirt. It was fabolous and I regret not asking him for a picture.


Friday, 16 July 2010

Denis Simachev is BACK!!!

Denis Simachev, a Russian designer who I've blogged about in the past, is back on the scene! I'm so excited about his latest project called "The 15 brotherly republics". The concept is that the extravagant designer will tour all of the ex-USSR countries and dedicate an individual collection for each one. The whole collection of 15 countries will then be shown in Paris by next year. The whole thing kicked off in Kiev, with Ukrainian-inspired outfits, in what I assume is Buddha Bar, judging by the pictures. I can't believe the irony! I was sitting in that exact bar a few weeks back. I was in Kiev one month ago and I spent the whole day running up and down the city looking for one of his boutiques! In the end, all of the addresses that were online were outdated and I didn't get my hands on any of his pieces, although an acquaintance in Kiev had kindly offered to take me to the local market to pick up a t-shirt with soviet memorabilia after hearing me explain who Simachev is and seeing the tragic expression in my eyes. That's totally not the same though! Anyhow, there has been loads of criticism coming Simachev's way, with people saying that he's repeating the whole USSR theme and that it's getting boring but I completely disagree. That's the niche that he had cleverly snatched for himself in the fashion industry and that is his signature look. If you don't want to see any of his ironic and nostalgic slogans on a chochloma-printed T-shirt then Dolce is probably somewhere across the road. Don't hate, I'm sad that I didn't think of it first too, but the fact is that he may not be the next Christian Dior in terms of tailoring but he is very clever and conceptual. To embrace the Russians' love for labels, he even stitches his name on a place where it will be visible. Tacky you say? I say ironic. I will get my hands on him sooner or later. Just you wait.

Traditional Ukranian cap

Star-printed maxi dress is exquisite

Check out the stitching on the back of the skirt
All images lifted from


Gaga rocks Hello Kitty

Lady Gaga rocking the Hello Kitty look for the iconic cat's 35th anniversary.


Friday, 9 July 2010

Visionaire 58 Spirit

I have just read about something truly beautiful. Visionaire magazine have dedicated their entire 58th issue to Alexander McQueen. It's called "Spirit - A Tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen". Many influential and talented people such as Steven Klein, Mario Testino and Lady Gaga have contributed to this work of art which will retail at around $300. You think that's too expensive? The uniqueness of the book lies in the special composition of the paper which, with time (and care), will allow flowers to bloom inside the book! Sounds so crazy and beautiful! There will only be 1500 copies produced that will be sold exclusively at McQueen boutiques.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Gossip Girl filming in Paris (if you don't want to know if Chuck is alive, look away)

Love love love this shade of blue

He's aliiiiiiiive!!!!! =D

Beautiful Fendi tote

Eating L'aduree macaroons in Paris - cliche' or what?
The crew are filming the 4th season in Paris. Can't wait!!!


J Brand Houlihan

There's a new trend alert in London - J Brand Houlihan Cargo jeans. To be honest, I don't like using the word "trend" because it usually conveys something too temporary, something that will make you go "What the hell was I thinking wearing that?" while you browse through old photos (personal examples include blue hair, neon pink net top and a million other things that you will never find out about). These sell-out jeans, however, are just a trend. They are a clear mixture of the military influence and the classic skinny jeans that have become a wardrobe staple for everyone. Personally, I think it's a bit 2003 and it has very unflattering pockets on the rear. So far, I have seen it on a Notting Hill mummy and they are not bad, but they are definitely nothing special. They are very difficult to find these days because they have completely sold out but I assume that there will be more of them available soon. I'm just not feeling them...

Friday, 2 July 2010

Heir-head in action

Well done to Paris Hilton for taking all of THAT to the World Cup yesterday. Glad she realised that it's actually still on, although someone should tell her the USA are already kicked out. Lesson to be learned: when travelling to a Third World country, one must not forget one's million Louis Vuitton suitcases and bags. Isn't it amazing how some people have the incredible talent of making anything look tacky and vulgar?


Posh designs a Range Rover

I'm a bit confused. Victoria Beckham has been named as the creative design executive for Range Rover and has been appointed to design the interiors of the Range Rover Evoque.  It's a slightly smaller version of the usual Range Rover and will apparently be the most eco-friendly one. The reason why the bosses of RR chose her is because she knows a lot about the fashion industry and the luxury market.  This is another opportunity for her to spread her DVB brand, this time into the automotive industry. I'm just not sure how DVB will be translated into an interior.  Whatever the case, I'll be curiously waiting. I'm predicting luxurious beige leather though. Good luck to her, she's a great designer.