Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chica Boutique in East London

 I've been hanging around in East London these last two days and I can't believe that I hadn't done that earlier! It's full of quirky little boutiques that lure you in with their tempting displays.  While strolling down Spitalfield, I spotted a pretty little shop with pink wallpaper and several mannequins wearing beautiful maxi dresses outside. As I walked in, I felt like I have just discovered Aladdin's cave! The shabby-chic interiors are filled with books with titles (something) like "1000 things a woman needs to know" with instructions on how to change a tyre or throw a ball (complete with illustrations for the particularly bright individuals) and 1001 ways to be fashionable. There are also cute accessories like jewellery, umbrellas and vintage-inspired crockery but that's not what made me fall in love with this place.  There they were, dresses the colour of summer cocktails, hanging against the kitsch pink wallpaper; pretty cocktail dresses embellished with beads, sequins and what looked like semi-precious stones. There is something Matthew Williamson about them, actually. I was running late to a meeting today, which is why I couldn't stay and try things on, but I think I'll be returning to the shop while on a hunt for a graduation dress.  The images below have been lifted from the boutique's website which you can visit by clicking here.  Happy browsing!


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Craving GG!

Super gorgeous Leighton Meester


I'm craving Gossip Girl. I can't wait till September to find out what happens to Chuck Bass and drool over all the beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. The costume designer of Gossip Girl has my dream job and he is so incredibly talented. I'm going to be controversial and say that the styling of Gossip Girl is actually better than Sex and the City. Don't get me wrong though, I adore SATC and never get bored of watching it over and over and over and over again.  Looking back at the first few seasons of SATC, the girls were not as glamorous and stylish as the movie puts them out to be. If you re-watch all the seasons you will actually see that it's only towards the end that their wardrobes become interesting (as in that pink Oscar de la Renta dress, newspaper Galliano dress, the Birkin bag, Dolce sparkly pants etc). And what's all that fuss with Manolos? Do people REALLY like those shoes or just pretend to just because of the series? Personally, there are only a couple of designs that i like (like, not love). But obviously, I have to admit that its thanks to Patricia Field that SATC is what it is today and she is a great visionary. If you don't watch Gossip Girl, then I recommend you do. It's a 40 minute catwalk show per episode and the storyline is jaw dropping. Oh, and one of the main characters, Chuck Bass, is this world's most stylish man and he looks better than Marc Jacobs in a suit (imagine that!). But for now, let's get some patience and count the days till September.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Brand loyalty taken too far..?

Ok, so it's not unheard of to advertise your love for a certain brand by proudly wearing it accross your chest (think tops with BIG "Versace" on the front = tacky), making your dog wear it (look up Paris Hilton and other bimbos) and even having it plastered all over your sofa (Fendi furniture = sexy). But would you get worried if you were talking to someone and when you gazed in their eyes you saw a branded logo???
Well that's exactly what John Galliano has done by designing a range of contact lenses with a CD logo that is meant to go on the coloured part of your eye (don't know the scientific name for it). The lenses won't change your natural colour or improve your vision.  They will, however, create a black or golden outline around the iris and the coloured part, thereby making your gaze more deep and dramatic (according to Dior). I think this is a step too far. Seriously. If I saw someone wearing those lenses I would literally get scared. I just don't understand why these established houses with a rich background and history feel like they need to do all these "funky" things... It just demeans their exclusivity. There is a classier way to go around this, ie Chanel's transfer tattoos that are gorgeous (and still available in Selfridges). Have a look at them here.


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Walking advertising

 I always say it's not what you know, it's WHO you know that determines how your career will end up, especially if you're a designer. I was just thinking that two designers that are practically on every one's lips would not have made it if certain famous women didn't give them their nod of approval by wearing them.  I'm talking about Jason Wu and Nicholas Kirkwood of course.  Have you heard of them a few years back? Nope, me neither.  This is not to say that they are not talented, I think they're both great. But do you remember the moments that made their careers?
SJP wearing Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. She wore them 3 times in one week but if I had those shoes, I'd probably sleep in them too!

Michelle Obama stole all the attention from her husband in Jason Wu
Looking at these two designers work, it's obvious that they have so much more to offer to the world of fashion and here are some of their recent pieces.

Jason Wu resort 2011 collection. This outfit is my idea of perfection - I love the shorts, the shirt and the BOW! Effortless chic at its best
Nicholas Kirkwood platform heels. Love the cut-out platform but they don't look too comfortable

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dsquared2 shoes

Wow wow wow...Expect to see these all over the place! Love these Dsquared2 ankle boots from the ready to wear fall 2010 collection.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Havaianas + football

This is as interested as I get about the World Cup. Havaianas, the iconic Brazilian flip-flop brand, have designed a range of men's flip-flops inspired by each of the 17 countries' football teams.  A new way for men (and women who claim they also like football and make me very suspicious of their true intentions) to express support for their team.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Does it look green to you?

 In today's society we are constantly urged to recycle, re-use, be green or whatever else you want to call it.  Even though the infamous image of a cute polar bear on a tiny bit of what used to be an iceberg brings a tear or two to my eyes, I cannot say that I'm an environmentally aware person.  I have no idea if the packaging of my food in the fridge is recyclable, or what my travels between London and Cyprus have done to the ozone layer. I've recently become interested in the introduction oforganic cotton and ethically sourced materials for clothing as well the concept of being fair trade in the fashion  industry so imagine my surprise when i saw these babies:

These might look like a pair of ordinary shoes but these are actually the latest collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier and the Brazilian rubber shoe brand Melissa.  Melissa has worked with Vivienne Westwood and Zaha Hadid in the past to create rubber shoes and I have always been skeptical about how long one can survive in them before being killed by blisters. I've been told that they are pretty comfortable though.  These 10 cm high heels are made out of opaque and transparent plastics and come in black, beige, caramel, lime and tangerine.  And the best part? 100% recyclable!  “Working with Melissa has been a coup de pied à la mode! I’ve enjoyed the challenge of creating a high heeled plastic shoe with all the values of my design ethos", says the designer himself.  I think the shoes are beautiful and at £160 they are a bargain and an amazing excuse to do your bit for the environment. Who can argue with that?!


Sunday, 13 June 2010

The most stylish spread ever!

This is a spread that I came across in the June issue of Elle Russia.  It's shot by Giorgio Z Gatti and styled by Micaela Sessa and the concept behind it is to move away from the traditional portrayal of a bride and her Maid of Honour.  Gone are the days when the Maid of Honour and the bridesmaids were dressed in identical "peachy" or "nude" dresses and the bridal dress has no personality of its own. Personally, I have already told all of my close girlfriends to not even think about sticking me into one of those type of dresses on their big day.  In this spread, each of the character's personalities and friendships shine through with their unconventional choice of shoes and outfits.  So if you are reading this and getting married some time soon, take this as an inspiration, and make your day as unique as you!
Beautiful dress by Blugirl

The shoes are my favorite, instead of the traditional white stilettos, the bride is wearing shoes with "love" printed all over them by Blugirl. They are perfect for the occasion.

My favorite Maid of Honour outfit! The Leitmotiv skirt is so Blair Waldorf and she's wearing the Viktor & Rolf shoes that I have blogged about in the past.


Friday, 11 June 2010

Marilyn knows best


Wearing same shoes!

Victoria and Christina wore the same Alta Bouton Louboutin Ankle Boots.  I think whatever Victoria wears, she always looks amazing and as boring as this might sound, acts her age.  Christina's comeback, however, left me a bit sceptical. Her dirrty heyday come attached with nostalgic memories of teenage hood for me, dancing in the clubs of Cyprus without a care in the world so her new video left me a bit disappointed.  The whole bondage/naked thing is too Gaga/Rihanna and too old and boring now unfortunately just like her slashed skirt. I preferred her so much more with her Marylin Monroe-esque hair and forties outfits. Her T-shirt says "If you don't like it, fuck you".  Oh well, in that case I'm predicting loads of sexual activity happening in the world.