Sunday, 31 January 2010

I heart polka dots!

I found the most adorable pieces from Emporio Armani S/S 10 and Josh Goot! It's so exciting to see that some things just never go out of fashion and remain stable classics. There's something so fun and playful about polka dots and I can never get tired of them! My loving relationship with polka dots began with the video Don't Speak by No Doubt, Gwen is looking so amazing in it! I have no idea who it is by or whether it's vintage (do you know?..) but Topshop did something very similar a couple of years ago and I was stupid enough not to get it..Oh well..

Josh Goot is an Australian designer who started out in 2005 and didn't actually train as a designer but studied communication and media. He's only 7 years older than me!! To be honest, I'm not crazy about the cut of both of these pieces, the thing that really attracts me is the actual print.
The Emporio Armani collection combines neon colours, polka dots and styles that would not look out of place in an office but are not the boring pencil skirt/shirt combo. Go check it out! I usually think that Emporio Armani is too grown up for someone in their 20s and is aimed at an older woman but this collection has changed my mind. I think it's still young but very sophisticated at the same time.


Saturday, 30 January 2010

Denim for Spring 2010

It seems to me that loads of designers have included denim in their runway shows for spring 2010. What struck me is the way it was worn. Think effortless, think 90s, think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (very random, I know, but that was my first association). So it was pretty predictable from labels like Stella McCartney and Chloe but Jean Paul Gaultier for his COUTURE spring '10 show? Actually I'm not quite sure if it really is denim, but it definetely looks like it so let's not get too technical. It gave me a sense of nostalgia because it really reminded me of the time when being dressed from head to toe in demin was really cool (especially if you're 8 years old, and I even had a denim hat to go with it. Note to self:find that fashionista photo to prove it =p).
Stella McCartney 2010. As with most of her collections, there's something masculine about Stella's clothes but something effortlessly chic and elegant. I think the only problem is that you have to have a very confident aura about yourself when wearing something so retro-looking or you risk being misunderstood as the person who lived in a cave for the last 15 years. I kind of like it though but think that you have to look VERY groomed in a subtle and effortless kind of way to pull it off.

Chloe Spring 2010. Baggy faded denim shirt, fully buttoned up and tucked into jeans?...I'm not so sure.

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2010.It was surprising to see denim in a couture show to be honest but i guess the detailing and the tailoring completely justifies it. I love the shoulders, the jacket is absolutely gorgeous!


Friday, 29 January 2010

McQueen Shoeeesssssss

If the Terminator had a girlfriend, what would she wear to their first date? The Titanic Ballerina Pump by Alexander McQueen of course! I love the juxtoposition of feminine pastel pink stiletto with a massive metal heel! Since the last couple of seasons, the McQueen brand has really gone up in my eyes for his shoe designs and this one, from the S/S 2010 collection looks much more wearable than the Alien shoe (unless you're Lady Gaga, in which case you'd wear them anyway). I really see the shoes from this collection being auctioned in a couple years time because they have the potential to become iconic. So here are some more shoes from the collection and watch Lady Gaga's video bad romance carefully to see them in action!


Monday, 25 January 2010

Viktor and Rolf = bow wow wow

Since I'm currently supposed to be busy doing my interior design project and not posting stuff on my blog, I've decided to say a lil something about a piece of furniture that I'm in love with (That's research right?). Tadaaaaa here it is - the Bow Chair by Viktor and Rolf in collaboration with B&B Italia. It's a one-off project and all the proceeds will go to an AIDS and HIV Charity. It's one of those chairs that you want to put in your dream home once you become rich and famous isn't it? I want I want I want!! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with its out-of-proportion bow and it's so typically Viktor and Rolf (if there is such a thing as typical when it comes to them two). More about them later darlings.


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Do you want McGucci with that?

Beautiful creations by the Cool Hunter design team who stuck the much loved fast food into designer packaging. Cheeseburgers and fries have never seemed more appealing! Maybe McDonalds should promote this during the Fashion Week?..

ph0tocredits:Vogue Russia

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Super kawaii!!!

I have come across the coolest blog ever! It's run by a guy who requests people from around the world to send in photos of their Hello Kitty stuff. He then publishes them on his blog and openly disses all the fans, saying how pathetic they are for liking Hello Kitty in the first place. Then follow all the angry comments from girls (and maybe boys), who call him a heartless b**tard for not liking Hello Kitty and for not posting where they can purchase all this stuff from!Its hilarious!! So far I have found a HK vodka bottle, mop, Ferrari, nails and erm...a vibrating shoulder massager (at least that's what it was known as before it started appearing in sex shops ;)) There are even some crazy peeps out there who get a hello kitty tattoo on their foreheads!!! If you love hello kitty as much as me, visit his blog


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

LV Roadkill

There is something very wrong with this but for some reason I can't stop staring. I think this is kind of overdoing it though because you can see exactly where the fur came from..I would be way too scared to take it out. Remember Samantha and her white fur coat?...


Zaha Hadid for Atelier Swarovski

Zaha Hadid has been commissioned to make a one-off collection for Spring '10 by Swarovski and I think it's really great to see architects getting involved in fashion. Hadid's pieces include rings, bracelets and necklaces which are made out of crystals placed in between transparent resin. The question is: is there ANYTHING that this woman DOESN'T know how to do? Her architectural tastes are very evident in these pieces because they are just as organic and unpredictable as her buildings and I'm sure that the collection will appeal to all of her fans.


Monday, 18 January 2010

From Russia With Love

The T-shirt on the right says I heart rich and famous, followed by a list of names like Courtney Love

Ok I know that this is not exactly the newest collection but I just HAD TO share the work of Russian fashion designer Denis Simachev with you!!! His work reflects decadent Russian culture, especially the 90s and i just find it so beautiful in its kitsch and luxurious tackiness (that's what Russians usually like anyway). The designs on the red floral leggings is called khokhloma and is traditional Russian pattern for decorating crockery etc. Simachev uses it on his trademark suits. The lady on bottom right is meant to represent the russian matrioshka doll and her rosy cheeks and a long thick plait are the symbols of Russian female beauty. In order to understand why the concept of 2 scary-looking dudes wearing fur coats with thick golden chains and crosses is entertaining to me, you have to know what was happening in Motherland during the 90s. It was a time when the Russian mafia ("bratki" lol) reigned the streets and they manifested their new wealth through their outfits such as golden and very thick golden chains, gold teeth, fur coats and raspberry coloured blazers. The bottom line is that Simachev is basically taking the piss and cashing in on the culture. Genius! Why didn't I think of that??? You'll be seeing more of his work on my blog. Ohhh ohhh and he also does custom-made iphones (, PS3 and yummy furniture! I'm definitely making my beau get one of his khokhloma suits one day.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stars and Labels

As the SATC madness is rapidly spreading, all the fans of the world are droolings over the trailer and the couple of stills that have been posted on the web. So while the fashionistas are holding their breath anticipating what Carrie and co will wear next, SJP is said to be the new creative advisor for Halston. In one of the stills, we see Carrie sporting a white Halston dress (with Loubis of course) which brings a question to mind: are the celebs actually good at fashion design or should they just stick to their day jobs and leave it to the professionals? As much as I love Carrie, truth must be said, people are forgetting that it's not SJP who's styling herself in the film and is not the one responsible for making SATC into what it is now. Does anyone even know Patricia Field?...What sometimes annoys me is that there is a whole crew of people behind all these fashion icons and it is quite rare to see someone thinking for themselves when it comes to styling BUT nobody seems to know or care. That said, I am not implying that Parker doesn't have a good dressing sense and I am predicting that Halston's sales will soar through the roof as a result of this. There are of course some famous women who I believe earned their cred such as Gwen Stefani with L.A.M.B. (and her Harajuku girls obsession) and Victoria Beckham who creates dresses that actually accentuate a woman's best bits and look classy and elegant.
So back to SJP. I really hope that Field's influence has rubbed off on Sarah and that her work will actually be well designed and beautiful. Other than that I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! How many days left unil the 28th of May????


Saturday, 16 January 2010


So the latest news everyone is talking about is the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Uggs. I think that's ABSOLUTELY great! As said by Tamara Mellon, Uggs is the only footwear that she owns except Choos..hmmm..The collection will include 5 different styles and colours and prices will start at 400 and something pounds. Jimmy Choo has had a great year 2009 with the H&M collaboration which was a massive success and this is coming from a person who actually queued up in the rain (never ever again). Even though the shoes were pretty, they were incredibly uncomfortable, but then again, maybe it's just my feet. Then there was the Hunter collaboration which was not as widely publicised but was absolutely gorgeous. By the time I found out about them, my size was sold out so now they are happy in the Shoe Neverland for me (sob)...oh well..Can't wait to see what the Chuggs will look like!!!


Hello darlings

After an unhealthy addiction to fashion and design blogs (right in the middle of all the uni deadlines), I have decided to make one of my own. The reason for that is because I feel that I have loads of thoughts that I want to share witht the world so here goes... Feel free to subscribe and spread love, fashion and creativity!