Friday, 2 July 2010

Posh designs a Range Rover

I'm a bit confused. Victoria Beckham has been named as the creative design executive for Range Rover and has been appointed to design the interiors of the Range Rover Evoque.  It's a slightly smaller version of the usual Range Rover and will apparently be the most eco-friendly one. The reason why the bosses of RR chose her is because she knows a lot about the fashion industry and the luxury market.  This is another opportunity for her to spread her DVB brand, this time into the automotive industry. I'm just not sure how DVB will be translated into an interior.  Whatever the case, I'll be curiously waiting. I'm predicting luxurious beige leather though. Good luck to her, she's a great designer.



  1. haha, same feeling here. lets c how it goes though :) great blog!

  2. Thank you Indigo Iris =) I had a look at your blog and we share a love for Elie Saab xx