Monday, 25 January 2010

Viktor and Rolf = bow wow wow

Since I'm currently supposed to be busy doing my interior design project and not posting stuff on my blog, I've decided to say a lil something about a piece of furniture that I'm in love with (That's research right?). Tadaaaaa here it is - the Bow Chair by Viktor and Rolf in collaboration with B&B Italia. It's a one-off project and all the proceeds will go to an AIDS and HIV Charity. It's one of those chairs that you want to put in your dream home once you become rich and famous isn't it? I want I want I want!! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with its out-of-proportion bow and it's so typically Viktor and Rolf (if there is such a thing as typical when it comes to them two). More about them later darlings.


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  1. Hey should have posted on your facebook but thought same difference...more info for your blog