Monday, 18 January 2010

From Russia With Love

The T-shirt on the right says I heart rich and famous, followed by a list of names like Courtney Love

Ok I know that this is not exactly the newest collection but I just HAD TO share the work of Russian fashion designer Denis Simachev with you!!! His work reflects decadent Russian culture, especially the 90s and i just find it so beautiful in its kitsch and luxurious tackiness (that's what Russians usually like anyway). The designs on the red floral leggings is called khokhloma and is traditional Russian pattern for decorating crockery etc. Simachev uses it on his trademark suits. The lady on bottom right is meant to represent the russian matrioshka doll and her rosy cheeks and a long thick plait are the symbols of Russian female beauty. In order to understand why the concept of 2 scary-looking dudes wearing fur coats with thick golden chains and crosses is entertaining to me, you have to know what was happening in Motherland during the 90s. It was a time when the Russian mafia ("bratki" lol) reigned the streets and they manifested their new wealth through their outfits such as golden and very thick golden chains, gold teeth, fur coats and raspberry coloured blazers. The bottom line is that Simachev is basically taking the piss and cashing in on the culture. Genius! Why didn't I think of that??? You'll be seeing more of his work on my blog. Ohhh ohhh and he also does custom-made iphones (, PS3 and yummy furniture! I'm definitely making my beau get one of his khokhloma suits one day.


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