Saturday, 16 January 2010


So the latest news everyone is talking about is the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Uggs. I think that's ABSOLUTELY great! As said by Tamara Mellon, Uggs is the only footwear that she owns except Choos..hmmm..The collection will include 5 different styles and colours and prices will start at 400 and something pounds. Jimmy Choo has had a great year 2009 with the H&M collaboration which was a massive success and this is coming from a person who actually queued up in the rain (never ever again). Even though the shoes were pretty, they were incredibly uncomfortable, but then again, maybe it's just my feet. Then there was the Hunter collaboration which was not as widely publicised but was absolutely gorgeous. By the time I found out about them, my size was sold out so now they are happy in the Shoe Neverland for me (sob)...oh well..Can't wait to see what the Chuggs will look like!!!


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