Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Super kawaii!!!

I have come across the coolest blog ever! It's run by a guy who requests people from around the world to send in photos of their Hello Kitty stuff. He then publishes them on his blog and openly disses all the fans, saying how pathetic they are for liking Hello Kitty in the first place. Then follow all the angry comments from girls (and maybe boys), who call him a heartless b**tard for not liking Hello Kitty and for not posting where they can purchase all this stuff from!Its hilarious!! So far I have found a HK vodka bottle, mop, Ferrari, nails and erm...a vibrating shoulder massager (at least that's what it was known as before it started appearing in sex shops ;)) There are even some crazy peeps out there who get a hello kitty tattoo on their foreheads!!! If you love hello kitty as much as me, visit his blog


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