Saturday, 10 April 2010

New passion for...teacups?


I don't know what's happening to me.  It may be going through some sort of mid-young-adulthood crisis, but recently I've developed a love for teacups.  I have never payed any attention to any sort of ceramics, especially crockery but here I am dedicating a whole post to it.  It all started after I saw an Hermes cup  in a magazine.  It's mosaic-like design exhales this aura of something precious, luxurious and deeply-rooted in antiquity like the Roman mosaics.  Straight after that came the thought of what I would do to someone if they ever came over for tea and broke my Hermes cup.  Crap, I don't even want to think about such a tragedy!  Same goes for the Versace teacups that I've been familiar with for years.  Anyway, I was in Portobello Market the other day, and whilst being persuaded to buy a 40's mink fur collar (complete with a head and eyes) and being given evil looks by owners of an antique furniture shop because I was interrogating them too much about a 5000 pound antique french sofa, i came across a stall with the most beautiful antique china.  Stupid me, didn't take a picture but the closest thing to those antique teacups is a make called Weloveokaoru.  The designer is a Central Saint Martin's alumni and makes china according to the traditional British methods (with a twist).  They come in white, beige and black and have amazing detailing such as 22 carat gold plated or platinum handles and rims.  Basically the ultimate couture cup!  The designer also does cups with big letters on them which is cute.



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