Sunday, 4 April 2010

If you are below the age of 10, look away NOW

Thank God I am not eight anymore. Otherwise I would have had a nervous breakdown after visiting the Wonder Room in Selfridges in London. Since the 16th of March until the 28th, there was an exhibition of different Barbies open to the public but you couldn't actually buy them (muahahah in your face lil brats!). The images above are the collaboration of Chrome Hearts and Barbie. The dolls are 39 inches and are wearing identical to the real-life original pieces by Chrome Hearts. The amount of detailing on the clothes is craaaazy! The hairstyles were designed by Oribe, the celebrity hair stylist. The exhibition will visit Tokyo, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and New York. The Barbies below are also a sample collection of black dolls wearing Rocawear clothes. The Ken is hot. There was also the Diana Ross Barbie, Ghana Barbie and the very inappropriate (I think), independent businesswoman Barbie.


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