Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding : the highlights

 The Royal Wedding photos, reviews etc are everywhere, I know.  But just because I feel that I need to be part of history and contribute my humble opinion to the blogosphere, I'm posting the things that have been the most memorable for me. 

Kate's Dresses - elegant, classy and safe.  The wedding dress was beautiful, no doubt, but am I the only person who feels that there was something missing? I assure you that my perception of aesthetics goes beyond My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding meringue dresses, but I do feel that Kate's number needed to have some more body to it. Perhaps a longer train or veil? A few UV light butterflies perhaps? (Joke, honestly).  The dress that she wore for the reception was super elegant and the crystal detailing emphasized her waist but what's with the cardigan? Get rid of it!
 The Two [stepsisters] Princesses - some time in the future, these two poor girls will look back on the family photo album and want to murder the person who suggested that these ensembles were a good idea.  And why didn't Beatrice think about the people who would be sitting behind her? How annoying.  However, I give her Valentino outfit some credit UNLIKE that hideous Westwood monstrosity with a dead bird on the head. Sack the stylist!
The Queen - bless her royal midi heels!  Loved the lemon yellow outfit, right on trend Your Highness! Color blocking at its best!  

The Beckhams - I give my award for being the best dressed guest to David Beckham NOT Victoria.  He wore a Ralph Lauren suit with crocodile braces and proudly wore his OBE. Do I smell a trend for male brooches?  Victoria disappointed me with the hat because I felt the urgent need to stick it further up on her head. As for the shoes, boring. The Louboutins are way too high and I'm surprised that she didn't go for something more interesting.

Street Parties - I personally attended a street party in East London.  I have never seen so many people drunk before 4pm.  It was loud, rowdy, drunken and dirty.  Apparently 140 tonnes of rubbish were dumped as a result of the wedding and trust me, that's quite believable.  A lot of people were in fancy dress, with loads of girls wearing veils or even full-on wedding dresses!
I couldn't resist taking a video of a completely drunk couple dancing on the street! You should have seen the moves this pair was busting! A weird remix of salsa, gangsta hand gestures and head-banging! Legendary.


  1. i do say David looked quite dashing!

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