Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pleats please!

I'm loving, adoring, obsessing over the weather in London these days! If you decided to go out of town during the longest weekend of the year, I've got two words for you: BIG MISTAKE. Gone are the boring tights and leggings (at least for now) and my sun-starved limbs are finally getting some natural vitamin D.  I've been looking for the pefect midi skirt for ages and have finally found a pleated number in a nice nude colour.  I wanted the skirt to be the statement piece of the outfit which is why I teamed it with a plain black tank top, black and nude wedges, which by the way are fairly comfortable, and turquoise accessories.  I have never worn midi skirts before so the sensation of fabric brushing against my legs as I walked was a completely new and strange experience.  Sheer midi skirts feel so romantic and feminine.  As the temperature goes up, let our hemlines go a little bit further down than usual, my darlings.  Fingers crossed it stays this way.


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  1. dude you are amazing! can we go shopping when im back?
    you have to check her out