Friday, 5 February 2010

New LV Rubbish

Yes, the new Raindrop Besace bag is here and yes, it does look like a bin liner. When i first saw it I thought that it's a very big diss from Marc Jacob's side to design something like this under the Louis Vuitton brand. After all, isn't LV synonymous with class and luxury? But then I kind of digested it and thought that it's actually really clever. Maybe I'm just trying to find a "deep meaning" in everything, but I see this as a critique of today's society, the fact that we would spend a grand (yes, that's the price) for something that literally looks like trash. Why? Because it's Louis baby and by getting it we will feel prettier/richer/sexier/better/fashionable the moment we may be none of those. The extent to which LV brand has become commercialised is ridiculous and the obsession to put the monogram pattern on everything has resulted in this anti-fashion. I may be wrong. This is purely my interpretation, but if this was the actual concept behind this, then i take my hat off Mr Jacobs. I'll be enjoying looking out for idiots who will buy this. Oh, and it's waterproof (yay).


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