Saturday, 19 February 2011

NYFW Highlights: Anna Sui hats

Oh yes, it is what you think it is! After the hype of animal-themed beanies that dominated the streets of London this winter, I was pretty and pleasantly surprised to see Anna Sui's cat hats!  I have recently read that this whole craze of wearing animal suits originated from Japan, Harajuku I assume, where dressing up from head to toe as a specific animal was dubbed stylish.  As a result, this trend started to shift its way towards London, hence all those bear hats you might have been seeing during the winter season.  Going along with the animal trend, I also love the leopard-print stole from the collection.  Have you noticed that everything feline never seems to go out of fashion? The examples are clear: leopard-print, cat eye make up etc.  Loads more NYFW coming up in the next few days, darlings. What were your favorite moments?


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