Friday, 25 February 2011

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

I became fascinated with Katrantzou's work during my internship at Harvey Nichols and after seeing her latest collection I can officially say that she's currently one of my favorite designers.  This talented designer is originally Greek and has completed her BA and MA from Central Saint Martins (surprised?).  Her surreal prints are a perfect marriage of true craftsmanship and technology.  The colorful designs have such a mesmerizing effect on me that I have found myself staring at specific pieces for what feel like a very very long time.  Not to mention that the cut is super flattering and almost architectural in it's strongly defined volumes.  As with anything that's as exquisite, Katrantzou's designs come with an impressive price tag.  Luckily though, she has designed a capsule collection for Topshop with the most expensive piece retailing at 120 pounds which is not bad considering that it's 100% silk and offers her signature aesthetic.  I have not personally tried the designs on, so can't really tell you about how they fit, but will make sure I go and check them out in the coming days. Expect my review of the Winter 2011 collection at the LFW in the next couple of days.


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