Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Katy Perry's Purr

There's a new celebrity fragrance in town, this time by Katy Perry.  I'm personally not a fan of those type of things, although I have to admit that Still by Jennifer Lopez is one of my most favorite smells of all time. But that's about it.  Call me a perfume snob but I would find it a bit tacky to be asked what I'm wearing and answering "Erm, it's Katie Price/ Paris Hilton actually".  I made my way to Selfridges, as this is the exclusive stockist of Perry's "Purr".  Thankfully, my impulsive urge to buy it just for the sake of having the bottle had evaporated faster than a cheap cologne. The smell is far too sickly sweet for me since I prefer fresher and crispier notes. But truth must be said, the bottle is just super kawaii.


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