Thursday, 11 November 2010

Giant Hermes Kelly bag

 What you see on the image above is not a fashionista's hallucination that came as a result of Chanel perfume overdose.  This is the new installation of the iconic Hermes Kelly bag in Dublin's Brown Thomas store to promote the Marvel Room.  The 12ft bag is designed precisely to specifications and allows any visitor to walk inside it and watch a few films about the history of the original bag.  The bag will travel to several European cities and I  really hope that it will make its way to London soon! It takes the concept of a big bag to a whole another level - you can actually fit all of your belongings inside it (well, almost).



  1. That is amazing. Will have to look out for it in London.

  2. I die I die for Hermes...used to be Dior but Galiano shut that phrase down for good.