Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cats and Couture basically

In regards to the question as to why this blog is called CatsAndCouture, I can explain. I love fashion and I love cats. Simples my darlings. Look at the beautiful editorial lifted from The Stylist magazine website, featuring real cats modelling exquisite jewellery. If that's not couture, I don't know what is.


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  1. Love the second from the bottom.. that is a very refined feline, and the bracelet/necklace looks lovely on soft gray fur.

    So anyway to the point, people have been gossiping about us saying that we had a fight or something, and I found it quite amusing since I told them that we merely got lost in the busy world of trying to make a life as a sexy young female :P Anyway since you've deleted your FB( kudos btw, but I cannot do that, I am too much of a narcissist), do contact me at emily.azaeva(at), skype at emz373 and also visit my blog :D kisses, your fellow german-sausage-appreciating lost friend, E.