Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sneakers on a heel

I'm a sucker for high heeled sneakers and trainers, it's true.  The power of a heel is an incredible one and can perform miracles by not only lifting our peachy behinds and visually increasing the length of the legs (not everyone is born a Giselle) but it gives us a psychological sense of power.  Combining sporty masculine elements in a shoe with a feminine heel has always attracted me and my old milkshake-stained heeled Sketchers (which I will never throw) are a testimony.  Even though the colour scheme of these Y-3 torsion heels is a bit too funky for me, I do like its shape.  My latest acquisition are these white babies by Ash and don't  be fooled, they were dirty and battered right from the start! They combine the element of masculinity and femininity that I love so much and the thick heel is comfortable enough to wear everyday.


PS. This is CatsAndCouture's 100th post weheyyyyyy!

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