Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Natalia Vodianova for Russian Vogue

The best part of tearing up the crispy brown envelope at the beginning of each month as Mr Postman stuffs it into my tiny letterbox, is discovering who made it on the cover of Vogue.  This month, the best cover by far is by Vogue Russia that features the beautiful Natalia Vodianova.  Not only is the September issue special because it's the fattest and therefore the juiciest issue of the year, this year it will be extra special because it will be the last one EVER that is edited by the talented Alyona Doletskaya (sob). Out of all the current models, Natalia is my favorite and it has nothing to do with a wave of patriotism that covers me every time I see a surname ending with "va", believe me.  I think no matter how old she becomes, she will always have that look of childish innocence in her eyes. The Louis Vuitton gown and statement earrings create a nice contrast between her naive girly expression and style that is only achieved through womanhood.


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