Saturday, 29 May 2010

Mai Lamore Shoes

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I'm in shoe heaven right now!!! This piece of art is $27, 945 and the reason for that is the 18 karat gold heel, hand-dyed silk petals and a  gold, onyx and agate bee. This takes shoe fetish onto a whole new level, I think.  To explain the concept behind the creations the designer told Vogue UK: ""A shoe, more than any other clothing item, is an object that already exists before even being worn; shoes do not generally fold up or fall lifeless as most clothing items do when not worn. This 'object' quality has a certain mystery to it, akin to a sculpture with a life of its own. A high luxury shoe should look as stunning on the foot as it would in a vitrine"



  1. I love the first one with the rose!!!! Amazing!!

  2. yeah thats my favorite too so beautiful!

  3. Every time when I look at Mai lamore's shoes my respect for her imagination increases more and more.She is,and will be the most creative artistic designer witch knows exacly how to create a unique pair of superb shoes! Looooooove love love it!

  4. 100% agree with you. more shoes coming up soon!xx