Sunday, 3 July 2011

Male style crush

Things that I love when men wear:
1. Blazers. Especially the fitted types that emphasize the waist (which is hopefully existent)
2. Bow ties. The Rolls Royce of male accessories which is difficult to get right, but if you do, it's SO right.
3. Scarves that are not necessarily there for practical reasons.  I'm talking silk scarves tied around the neck on the inside of the shirt.
4. Slim ties. Preferrably black or gray.
5. Tods shoes. There's just something about them.
6. Pocket squares.  For all those who don't know, it's a little handkerchief that men put inside the front pocket of a blazer which to me, indicates his attention to detail.  In men's case, always a good thing.
7. Male arm candy. Very dangerous territory because there's a risk of looking a bit too metrosexual (as if that's a bad thing).

As much as I love men's fashion, the eternal truth remains the same: it's not a sharp suit or crocodile shoes that carry the man, but the man inside who carries all that.  


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