Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Gaga at the Salon Contemporary

Look what I found while walking home from Starbucks, overdosed on caffeine! It's a larger than life-size sculpture of Lady Gaga at the Salon Contemporary Gallery on Westbourne Grove. The gallery is in my area but I haven't passed it for months which is why i just saw this amazing piece of art today (note to self: get out more). Its by Sarah Gwyer, a British artist who says that her inspiration behind her works based on celebrities is the notion of beauty that we are so obsessed with and desperate to preserve. A modern-day Andy Warhol? Hmm.. She uses mixed media, particularly the stuff that would be considered to be part of women's crafts. Lady Gaga is made out of buttons, badges, beads and God knows what else. I've checked out Gwyer's previous works and they are equally stunning and I think her pieces are a criticism of the contemporary celebrity culture and how celebrities personify beauty. Their beauty is desirable, perfect but...empty on the inside. Anyways, the Salon ContemporaryGallery always has very different and eye-catching (and often jaw-dropping) pieces on display so go and check it out. Gaga forever.


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  1. WOW! I really like this sculpture! I'm also a GaGa fan:) Do you know how long the exhibition will last? I want to go there...